Distance Learning

Secondary Department

Secondary School Class Codes

Below are the class codes required to join each class.

Please visit www.edmodo.com and click 'Get Started as a Student'

After entering your first and last name, you will be asked to enter a class code. Secondary students will need to enter the code for one of their classes. After the have signed up they will be able to click 'Classes' at the top of the screen and add additional classes using these codes.

Science Y7 - tdpqu6

Science Y8 - dc7gb5

Science Y9 - sn239h

Science Y9A - uimk3i

Chemistry Y10 - nvbqu6

Chemistry Y11 – xzziwh

Chemistry Y12 - 586un5

Biology Y10 - ffbhq4

Biology Y11 - thgcgm

Biology Y12 - z6jfry

Biology Y13 – bvzweg

Physics Y10 - sphmc4

Physics Y11 - tkhtxt

Physics Y12 - ix2zpj

Physics Y13 - c7i9mt

English Y7 (Mr Bucknor) - tg93y2

English Y7 (Mr Mitaki) - u8mbk7

English Y7 (Mr Miller) - gf4uy3

English Y8 (Mr Mitaki) - 56xz9j

English Y8 (Mr Miller) - 6zqdmc

English Y9 (Mr Mitaki) - cimbzq

English Y9 (Mr Bucknor) – deqqtn

English Second Language Y10 - pua49w

English Lit & Lang Y10 - cji94n

English Y11 - m9tg7k

English Lit Y11 - 64a64c

Maths Y7A/B (Mr Footitt) - 54xw5d

Maths Y7 (Mr Machuwe) -7eqm4n

Maths Y8A/B (Mr Footitt) - 5a984u

Maths Y8 (Mr Machuwe) - 7iyiam

Maths Y9A/B (Mr Footitt) - 8hkz5p

Maths Y9 (Mr Machuwe) - iizdcg

Maths Y10A/B (Mr Footitt) - bxsqhm

Maths Y10 (Mr Machuwe) - ybrt2z

Maths Y11A/B (Mr Footitt) - htm3xi

Maths Y11 (Mr Machuwe) - spicz5

Pure Maths Y12 (Mr Machuwe) - vxb7bk

Statistics Y12 (Mr Footitt) - a82mmi

Pure Maths Y13 (Mr Machuwe) - 92r4mw

Maths Y13 (Mr Footitt) - vqbyux

French Y7A - csc9s4

French 7B - dhtw5n

French 8A - fzc9js

French 8B - vn85tc

French 9A - neuqxt

French 9B - 47exuk

French Y10 - q5xpmf

French Y11 - 8gta3p

French Y12 - ac2kva

French Y13 - vb2qvi

Core PE Y7 - v6vz2f

Core PE Y8 - 352bbb

Core PE Y9 - ihd6g5

Core PE Y10 - w35ib2

Core PE Y11 – djnwrk

Core PE Y12/13 – ctjqrr

IGCE PE Y10 - 9zri5e

IGCSE PE Y11 - cuf3st

Music 7A – arehmf

Music Y7B - j3yn9x

Music Y8A - w6ymqu

Music Y8B  - c8k2ws

Music 9A - f8peki

Music 9B - 7bavyb

Drama Y7 - wn5exq

Drama Y8 - 38nwek

Drama Y9 - g8ea7k

Drama Y10 - uubv6n

Drama Y11 - 6q5sr4

Geography Y7 - tmidew

Geography Y8 - 24uhvx

Geography Y9 - 6u3cc2

Geography Y10 (Mr Omukhulu) - t3295i

Geography Y10 (Mrs Weston) - 3sjbzg

Geography Y11 (Mr Omukhulu) - r8prcu

Geography Y11 (Mrs Weston) - 46v4y5

Geography Y12 - cjv4d7

Geography Y13 - bj48dw

History Y7 - v5dbx6

History Y8 - 9uye4z

History Y9 - bb75y5

History Y10 – buzahc

History Y11 - b4jgsx

History Y13 - jveuqt

ICT Y7 - n7ci4g

ICT 8A (Mr Greg) - 3zy3xr

ICT 8B (Mr Mushanyu) - ahemuq

ICT 9A - va8yqt

ICT 9B - i5auqy

ICT Y10 - y57g5y

ICT Y11 - ydifas

Computer Science Y12 - p27zb2

Computer Science Y13 - egg9b5

Swahili Y7 - 34d9yn

Swahili Y8 - 5sqmmf

Swahili Y9 - mhws57

Swahili Y10 – wtzcdh

Swahili Y11 - n53tet

Business Y10 - y3bdrn

Business Y11 - xjwg8f

Business Y12 - px3sp9

Business Y13 - tt4bhh

Economics Y10 - f9dmzc

Economics Y11 - fpb8sh

Economics Y12 - r6zc77

RE Y7 - a7niqf

RE Y8 - ytvd4w

RE Y9 - 5j4yhu

Psychology Y12 - nr79rw

Psychology Y13 – hhhgrj

PSHE All Years - 3iy3xt

Art Y7 - sbsfka

Art Y8 - 56wban

Art Y9 - e2uxjf

Art Y10 - mpzbdr

Art Y12 - vcjtd3

If you cannot see your class code here, please email headofprimary@isamiloschool.org