All parents, guardians, teachers and assistant teachers at Isamilo International School Mwanza are members of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), which facilitates community and communication among the parents and teachers and raises money to support causes within the school. The PTA Constitution is available upon request from the Chairperson or the Secretary.

Scheduled Meetings

The PTA meets throughout the school year (usually in room 6M) to discuss matters pertaining to the school. The meetings alternate between a weekday evening and a Saturday morning to allow as many parents as possible to be involved.


During the 2018-19 school year, we met on the following dates:

  • 17 September, 5pm

  • 27 October, 10am

  • 19 November, 5pm

  • 12 January, 10am

  • 11 February, 5pm

  • 16 March, 10am

  • 29 April, 5pm

  • 25 May, 10am

  • 17 June, 5pm in Clement Hall for the Annual General Meeting


Minutes for the meetings are made available in the parents’ WhatsApp broadcast list and in hard copy form upon request (some small fee to cover expenses may be requested).

PTA Board

The 2019-20 PTA Board was elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 17 June 2019. Any member may volunteer or be nominated for a Board position at the AGM.








Chairperson – Stephen Veryser


Vice Chairperson – Leisha Otieno
Leisha is serving her second term as PTA Chairperson. She has three children attending IISM (Year 7, Year 2 and Reception). She and her family have been living in Mwanza since May 2016, and she has been living in Tanzania since 2009.

Contact via email at or by WhatsApp/text at +255 767831287.


Secretary – Emily Miller
Emily and her family have been in Mwanza for about 14 years and her children are now in Year 9, Year 6 and Year 4. She is currently serving her fourth term as PTA Secretary.

Contact via email at or at +255 768176714


Treasurer – Media Kankera
Media started as the vice chairperson for the PTA in the 2017-18 school year, then transitioned to the role of Treasurer mid-year. She has been living in Mwanza for about nine years, and her daughters are in Year 6 and Reception at IISM.


Teacher Representatives

Primary School Representative - Emma Ratcliffe (

Secondary School Representative - Paulette Robinson (
Head of Primary - Alex Evans (
Head of Secondary - Fay Weston (
Head of School - Katrina Williams (

PTA Finances

One of the functions of the PTA is to raise money to support various aspects of school life. This is primarily done through selling snacks at school events, or, in past years, by doing a fundraising banquet.


Trip Bursaries

One of the main expenditures for the PTA is support for IISM students who need financial assistance to attend school trips. Parents may apply on behalf of their student once per school year, using the Bursary form, available from the PTA Secretary or Chairperson. Bursary requests are evaluated by the PTA Board and should not exceed 50% of the trip cost.


Teacher Requests

From time to time, a teacher may make a request to support a resource or event which is not included in the school budget. These requests may be made directly to the PTA Board, which will decide if the item can be supported and if special fundraising may be required to do so. Larger requests will be referred to the full PTA for a vote at the next meeting.